5 Favourite Gardening Tools. Part III.

Pocket knife 👍

My lovely, little pocket knife was a bit of an indulgence. I covet Charles Dowding’s garden, and his pocket knife. He has a great Youtube channel, and as I was watching him harvest leeks, he whipped out his little knife, cut off the extra leaves and made a gorgeous presentation of a bulb. I was hooked.

Charles Dowding

I zoomed in on the knife and discovered it was an Opinel.

Opinel knife company from Savoie, France has a long and respected history of knife making.


I had needed a pocket knife for some time because there are a lot of jobs in the garden where the hoe or the secateurs just won’t hack it. Well, they may hack it, but not necessarily cut it. As I said, I got caught up in a little passive celebrity endorsement as well as the story and marketing of the Opinel website, and purchased their No. 08 Garden. “It is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions.” (from the site) Since I had a lot of lettuce and dandelions, it was fate that dictated I purchase this knife.

Opinel No. 08 Garden

I’m guiltily admitting this because really, a paring knife, or a second hand pocket knife would work just as well I’m sure, but there are two features that are quite useful apart from it’s pleasing aesthetics. One is the hole in the handle. I was able to string a bit of leather through the hole and attach a small carbiner to the looped leather. I find it much handier to carry a knife this way than out in the garden where I lose things, or in my pocket where I poke through things. The second feature is the open and close mechanism of the blade. It is different than a friction clasp so the knife retains the functionality of a folding blade with the rigidity of a fixed blade.

All in all, it’s a nice knife that I like and I use a lot in the garden.

Do you have a fancy tool you enjoy using?


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