5 Favourite Gardening Tools. Part V.

Super Scoot!

I am of the age where my body and my brain are at odds with each other.  (Although now that I think of school gym classes, this may not be a recent phenomenon.)  At any rate, bending, stooping, and straining seem to be more of an issue these days.  The clincher was one day when I was sitting in the garden pathway doing some task and ants got in my pants (literally) and I wound up with itchy ant bites all up my legs.  Nothing like discomfort to spur one to action!

After scouting the internet for garden scooters to keep me off the ground and out of the ants, I settled on this model:  the Step 2 Garden Hopper!  Note:  it does not hop.

The height is what sold me on this particular garden scooter.  Other models were simply too high.  I’m not *that* short, but bending over from on far didn’t seem like a great solution.  The other feature that I really appreciate is the generous holding capacity of the lower level.  I can throw my tools, seed packets, garden tags etc. in the bottom and then put the whole thing back in the shed when I’m done.  This reduces (but not eliminates) lost tools in the garden.  I’m also quite pleased with the way it goes over terrain.  Sometimes it does roll away on the slightly slanted sidewalk which one MUST be cognizant of before sitting down (ahem).  But, all in all, this is a comfort, it extends my pleasure of working in the garden, and it works very well !

Do you scoot in your garden?




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