Seed starting mix experiment.

One inadvertent result of my manure bioassay was noticing that germination was quite poor in the control medium. I usually start my seeds in a 50/50 mix of purchased potting mix and vermicompost. This mix is what I compared the manure to. Lo and behold, the seeds germinated better in the manure. Hmmmm. πŸ€”

After observing the difference in germination between the garden manure and my standard mix, I thought I had better test some different combinations. I may need a different seed starter!

Testing setup

My control medium is 100% peat moss. I chose it because it is sterile, has no nutritional benefits, and is considered soiless (plus I had some!) The testing media are 100% potting mix, 100% vermicompost, 50/50 peat and vermicompost, and 50/50 potting soil and vermicompost (my usual mix).

Mom gave me a multi seedling container while she was cleaning out. Little did she (or I) know it is ideal for this test! I chose to try lettuce and peas for germination since they both had similar germinating times and temperature (plus I had some!)

Germination tray and setup.

Each mix got 6 cells of the tray * 5 mixes = 30 cells total. For each mix 3 cells were planted with lettuce (2 seeds) and 3 cells were planted with snap peas (1 seed). All lettuce was covered with vermiculite. All peas were planted 1 inch deep. They were watered in, the cover attached, and then popped under the grow lights (mainly for warmth).

I will provide an update after a week. I’m curious to know with what seedling mix you’ve found most success.


3 thoughts on “Seed starting mix experiment.

  1. I used to use potting soil, with good results. Now I mostly start seeds in my Aerogarden. Most seeds are wildly successful there, with the exception of chives. Still can’t figure out why. I’m looking forward to hearing your results!

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    1. Hi Julie! Didn’t know what an Aerogarden was. I can totally picture you growing lots of different herbs right in your kitchen for your delicious meals πŸ˜‹

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      1. 😊 I have trouble with chives & thyme, but basil, dill, & parsley would take over the kitchen if I let them! Then in the spring I harvest everything & concert to seed starting. It’s like getting to garden all year, without the weeding!

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